• The Republic of Venice was a sovereign state and maritime republic in northeastern Italy, which existed for a millennium between the 8th century and the 18th century. It was a leading European economic and trading power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
    Venice was a pioneer in glassblowing technology in Europe and made glasses, goblets, pitchers, dishes, bottles, vases, mirrors, jewellery, candelabra and decorative products of very high quality.

  • From the thirteenth century Venetians produced delicate, carefully blown sand–glasses as a time–keeping device for mariners. In particular, the continual search for innovation, the production of machinery and small mechanisms helped make famous Venice in the past as a district of precision manufacturing. Meccaniche Veneziane aims to launch a new golden age of Italian watchmaking by manufacturing automatic timepieces never made obsolete by new technology.
    Every Meccaniche Veneziane watch is handcrafted by skilled artisans with absolute accuracy for every detail according to the traditional features of the twentieth century.


Meccaniche Veneziane is the first Italian Watch Company to produce high-end automatic handmade timepieces. The brand offers high-end watches with timeless design, each component is handmade by skilled artisans and proudly designed in Venice. Every Meccaniche Veneziane owner looks for perfection and beauty in every detail as every timepiece is designed to be an heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

Watchmaking & QC

All MV watches are handcrafted by skilled artisans with absolute accuracy for every detail according to the traditional features of the twentieth century.We pay great attention to details, this result has been possible thanks to the cooperation with experienced watch manufacturers that have produced luxury watches for notorious brands. All the stages of the process aim at removing even the smallest imperfection. Once the assembly process is concluded, watches pass through the quality control department here in Venice, where all the components are inspected.

Handmade Wooden Boxes

For the production of our boxes we rely on a craft company that was established in the heart of the “Chair District” in Friuli, a region where woodworking is not only part of local history and culture but also represents an international trademark associated with the excellence of “Made in Italy” products. With over 40 years of woodworking experience they have become partner of many leading wine and spirit producers, combining of craftsmanship, technology and special attention to design.

Fine Leather Italian Straps

All the types of leather used are from Veneto and Tuscany, two well known Italian tannery districts. Therefore, thanks to the expertise of our local and skilled artisans we provide soft, vintage and durable straps. The hides we use are tanned according to traditional, natural methodswithout colourings, chrome, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol and they are processed in compliance with current laws.