The Clock Tower in Venice is an early Renaissance building on the north side of the Piazza San Marco, at the entrance to the Merceria. One day, Alberto and Alessandro decided to visit the ancient building and after a few seconds, they got impressed by what the found inside.

What’s inside the clocktower. After checking for more info on the machanism,we came to know that the Venetian watchmaking tradition was lost. How could this beautiful craftmanship be lost? It became a challenge for us….bring the Venetian tradition to 21th century

The two co-founders shared the same concept, we decided to launch our watch start-up called Meccaniche Veneziane which literally means “Mechanical devices from the City of Venice”. The brand logo pays tribute to the cross at top of the Saint Mark Watchtower, which is considered the symbol of the time in Venice.

After designed our first timepieces, we decided to rely on local artisans to develop wooden boxes and leather straps. The calibers have been designed in Italy and developed by a Swiss company which is specialized in tailor made automatic movements.