December 31, 2018 3 min read

With the arrival of Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, when colorful lights start sparkling all along the streets and crowds begin to liven up the squares to enjoy winter’s magical atmosphere, people find some time to think about how their year has been and get to shape their plans and projects for the new one.

This year’s path was studded with amazing moments that cling to unforgettable memories. We’ve been through indelible days made up by efforts, interesting partnerships, constructive adventures and the birth of new ideas. These ideas paved the way for unexpected experiences from which we had the opportunity to learn a lot, by constantly challenging ourselves and by pointing out new goals to reach. But the greatest thing of all is that this wasn’t a journey we took on our own. In fact, we had the indescribable luck to be constantly helped and flanked by our supporters: your opinions and suggestions had an extremely positive influence on our choices and helped us improve ourselves and get closer to new realities. Thanks to your voice, Meccaniche Veneziane has witnessed a surprising personal growth and has gained more maturity in the identification of colors, designs, finishes, and details.

Among the adventures we’ve lived, certainly stands out the creation and the development of our Nereide GMT project: even though it wasn’t our first time on Kickstarter, the campaign has reserved us many memorable surprises. We’ll never forget the excitement before the launch, the lively dialogue we managed to establish with you all and the unforeseen course of the campaign that eventually allowed the project to come to life. Not only did your warm support enable us to fully succeed in our mission, but also fueled the whole team and gave us the needed energy to tirelessly keep going.

So, what’s more for 2019? As previously said, Meccaniche Veneziane is not willing to stop. After the end of the campaign, we decided to dedicate our time and strengths to the creation of a new model, our Redentore, and to the formulation of its concept. The most interesting challenge was to translate our ideas into well-defined features and a design able to synthesize both our traditional and more innovative identity. In order to do that, we had to focus on details and introduce new elements without denaturating the original timepiece. The curiosity to finally see the result gave us further motivation and encouraged us to keep working on details and apparently secondary peculiarities so as to achieve the most satisfying outcome. The making of this new Redentore undoubtedly was a great way to close the year: we had the chance to make lots of experiments and to eventually give birth to a new collection characterized by attention to details and an alternative harmony between the different features.  


The year has now come to its end, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say this is just the beginning. We are confident that 2019 will introduce us to new and unexplored worlds that we hope we’ll be able to discover with you all, the best fellow travelers we could ask for.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from Meccaniche Veneziane Team!

Amanda Bardellotto

Federica Filippi


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Meccaniche Veneziane
Meccaniche Veneziane

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