Redentore Burano, a Limited Edition inspired by the colorful Venetian Island

March 19, 2019

It’s a sunny winter day in Venice, and driven by our will to admire new landscapes and explore the surroundings, we have just taken the ferry that departs from Venice and we are in the direction of one of the most popular and original islands in the Venetian Lagoon. The fresh breeze lashes our face, and the sun wickedly hits our eyes, but thanks to the peculiarity of the island we’re going to visit, we manage to see it from afar. It takes forty minutes to reach the sweet, familiar island of Burano. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit this small island, its beauty and colors never get old, and you’re never tired of them. As soon as we get down by ferry, we get caught by a quiet, cheerful atmosphere, and it feels like being at home. Children play all over the small streets, fishermen prepare their boats to go fishing, and old women tell their lifetime anecdotes while they embroider lace, a tradition that has last for centuries and one of the many reasons why Burano is this famous. Venice in facts is said to be “a bride dressed with Burano’s laces”.

 Redentore Burano Limited Edition - Meccaniche Veneziane

But everyone knows Burano for another peculiarity: every house has a different color, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, and they form such a row of brightness that they create a Carnival that lasts all the year. As we walk through the streets, we come across typical food’s stalls, that offer tourists some samples. We happily accept some "bussolai", some delicious biscuits with an “s” shape, made with butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. There are many painters along the banks of the lagoon, young and old, men and women, Italians or foreigners, all those people are united by the source of inspiration they have found, all of them are wondered by the fact that the colors go along with the elegance of the town. Our attention is captured by an old man, who is surrounded by his paintings. He looks at his paintings as they mean a lot to him, and when he notices we are attracted by his colorful representations of the city, he begins to speak to us. He explains the reason for so many colors: they were used to indicate fishermen where to go in case of fog, it was their lighthouse, their landing point. He speaks with a marked Venetian accent, that makes us understand the strong bond he has with his homeland. While he talks about Burano, his eyes become shiny, overwhelmed by memories that we can’t feel, but we can imagine. He tells us the story of his father, who fell in love with this ‘kaleidoscope’ and decided to leave Venice, his house and work, to move to this island and attend the Burano’s School of Art.

 Burano Island - Meccaniche Veneziane

We ask him if he knows something about the history of the island, “Of course” he says, “I know Burano more than I know myself”, and we can’t help but listen to the story that this man tells us. It’s said that thanks to the continuous ventilation, the plague, which afflicted a great part of Europe during the 14th Century, didn’t arrive on the island. “Seen?” he concludes. “Burano has always been a place of safety, and it’s also mine.” There is nothing else to do to thank this incredibly open-hearted man for all the things he said to us, and we keep walking thinking about how many things you can learn about a place you thought you knew until we reach Galuppi square, the heart of the city. If we thought we had already seen the best, we were wrong. This small square is a blaze of vivid colors, among the colorful houses, the flowers on the windows, and even the clothes hanged to dry give us a great visual impact that I think it will stay in our minds forever, and we suddenly understand all the love of the painter for this wonderful town.

Redentore Limited Edition, inspired by Burano island 

And then we thought: “Why don’t we put all the elegance and colors of Burano in our Redentore Collection?” We decided to introduce the element of the colors in the blue and red hands and to keep a simple design to remember the soft, dreamy atmosphere that we found on the island. We took inspiration by the love and the passion the old man told us in its tale, by the constant passion of the old women that bring on the tradition of the lace embroidery, by the energy and the happiness of the children that were running through the streets, by the passion that the fishermen put in their job, and by the feeling of wonder that united the painters, and that’s how the Burano Limited Edition was born.



Amanda Bardellotto


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March 19, 2019

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