The Art of Woodworking

November 02, 2017


Wood has always played a fundamental role in the life of Daniele, the craftsman who creates the wooden boxes used by Meccaniche Veneziane. He has a fascination with the scent, the solidity and versatility of this material . As a matter of fact, he has devoted himself to moulding, carving and enhancing this warm and living material for more than forty years, grasping its secrets and its potential. 

A woodworking lesson in Friuli (1961), Daniele is the kid on the left wearing shorts and a squared shirt

Initially he expressed his creativity in the creation of luxury boxes for wine and delicatessen . His wish to experiment and explore new fields has always been present in his life and this time boxes for watches have stimulated his curiosity and his inventiveness.Thus, a fruitful cooperation started with the brand  Meccaniche Veneziane, leading to the creation of unique high end products, which excel for the accurate craft manufacturing, the variety of essences and the extreme precision of details. Every piece is actually finished by hand according to an ancient tradition of wood processing, with the care and the qualities typical of master craftsmen.
Daniele provides something that was not available on the market offering his expertise and skill to the world of watchmaking.



We believe that every detail is important in order to fully satisfy our customers and the packing plays an important role as well. 

It is not just a container but an object recalling the long artisan tradition of Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the districts associated with the excellence of “Made in Italy”



Thanks to its value and technical properties, walnut can be widely used, but always in context where top quality is required. In particular, it is preferred not only in the creation of furniture of value, but also for internal cladding and even in the creation of musical instruments and for stocks.

Besides, walnut is employed in the creation of dashboards of luxury cars . As walnut is very refined (elegant), it is even more expensive than other types of wood usually employed in Italy, but its features and the peculiarity of the products made of it, are definitely worth the expense. Walnut stands out among other types of wood. Walnut has a straight grain which allow a perfect polishing and finish. What is more, the dark veins, which are present in the lower part of the trunk, create various patterns which increase the value of furniture to manufacturers and experts.



Cherry-wood can be successfully used in carpentry for its properties, in particular in the manufacturing of fine furniture and flooring in solid wood. It is a hard wood, easy to process and very compact . This is the reason why it is difficult to chop or to deform and does not absorb moisture. 

It is usually coated with a transparent paint so as to enhance the beautiful grain it has. Its colours range from golden brown to red making every environment elegant and refined. For these reasons, it has been used in the manufacturing of fine furniture and musical instruments for centuries.
Cherry-wood is one of the most expensive types of wood. Nonetheless, there is still big demand for it for its properties and its beauty.

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