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The world is an astonishingly mesmerizing display of colors which wonders manifest themselves in a polychromatic multiplicity of events that, cloaked in vibrating vivacity, perform like unpredictable actors in front of our eyes, bewitched spectators.

Immersed in their warm embrace, we prove ourselves to be extremely vulnerable preys, as we keep on dreaming of their ineffable beauty, able to enlighten our lives.

Cradled by the water’s perpetual dance, we cruise on boats or gondolas through the narrow and unexplored canals of one of the world’s most fascinating cities and let ourselves be enchanted by the picturesque view of countless buildings rising right next to each other: every day Venice with its lagoon and little islands, shrouded in magical light, offers us its unforgettable sights from sunrise to sunset.

But every year, during the third weekend of July, something extraordinary happens: when the sun goes down and little by little darkness starts to envelop the “city on water”, suddenly Venice begins to shine.

The Festival of the Redeemer, also known as “Redentore Feast”, is not only the most anticipated event of the Venetian calendar and an unmissable summer party deeply loved by local people but also an exciting celebration that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is one of the oldest festivals that take place in the “floating city”: it is a long-lasting tradition which origins go back to the turn of the 16th century. The Redentore Festival started in 1577 as a votive celebration to thank God for the miraculous end of a devastating, incurable plague which had decimated the Venetian population.                                            

In July 1577, the end of the terrible disease was finally announced in the Basilica of San Marco. Relieved and amazed by that unexpected fact, the Venetian Doge asked Andrea Palladio, one of the greatest Italian architects, to build a votive church to the Redeemer and he also decided to dedicate the third Sunday of July to visit the monumental construction. Therefore, the Venetian population and the highest officers of the Republic marched in a procession on a 330meters long bridge of barges set up to connect the Church of the Redeemer on the island of Giudecca with the rest of Venice.

Today the Festival of the Redeemer perfectly combines its traditional religious aspect with the spectacular one thanks to people’s strong determination to preserve the Venetian folklore. The tradition and the long floating walkway is renovated every year, and while a crowd of people begins the procession towards Giudecca, the Patriarch of Venice blesses them, and the celebration starts. During this festival, Venice is transformed into a riot of color, filled up with all kinds of boats, carefully decorated with vivid garlands and balloons warming up the atmosphere all around the Basilica, which hauntingly beautiful features that have also inspired Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore timepiece's classical and refined lines get to show their brightest and most fascinating side. 


The highlight of this summer festival weekend is certainly represented by the fireworks on Saturday night: a mesmerizing spectacle of forty minutes which usually creates magical light effects enchanting both Venetians and foreign visitors. If you look down at the city you will be surprised to see the lagoon crowded with boats where hundreds of people wait for the fireworks while eating local food: an event which suits all tastes!

A religious function in the Church of the Redeemer and the traditional Venetian regattas on Sunday afternoon put an end to the Redentore Festival. 


This year, the festival, that boasts a history of over 400 years, falls on July 14th and 15th, and its kaleidoscopic colors are ready to inebriate the city’s atmosphere once again. Don’t lose the occasion to be part of one of the most characteristic and relevant events of Italy and to experience Venice’s unrepeatable emotions. During the Festival of the Redeemer, an exceptionally sensational aura wraps up the “floating city” giving birth to a romantic, spectacular and almost surreal scenario that appoints the “bride of the sea” as the unrivaled and unquestionable capital of beauty.

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Chiara Luria


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