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August 08, 2021 2 min read

Despite what you may think, watchmaking is an industry where the drive to achieve the best performance implies pushing innovation further and further. R&D departments are constantly researching on how to make use of different materials and alloys with fascinating technical and mechanical properties. Tungsten is certainly among them.
Tungsten is a metal few people know about. It is indeed a rare and peculiar element. The name is derived from the Swedish words “Tung Sten” meaning “heavy stone”. Tungsten is two and a half times as dense as steel, on a par with gold.

Wolframite is the mineral from which tungsten is extracted

It is the hardest and most resistant metal known to mankind.
Top resistance to high temperatures is its greatest property: it has a melting point of 3400°C, which makes it the most heat resistant metal and, therefore, indispensable in several industrial applications.
Resistance to wear is equally incredible. Tungsten is, in practice, scratchproof and therefore it maintains its aesthetic features unchanged over the years. This characteristic has prompted us to start using this material in our watches.

On the other hand, owing to its mechanical attributes, tungsten is an extremely difficult material to work with as traditional steel processing techniques are not applicable for tungsten.

Precisely, the most effective method is sintering, which is the process of compressing and consolidating it in a solid mass of material by heat or pressure without melting it to the point of becoming liquid.
Instead, Tungsten powder is placed inside a mold under very high pressure and temperature, which turn it in a single solid object.

If you want to know more about how we have used tungsten for our watches keep following us. We are sure that our next release will be of your interest!

Meccaniche Veneziane
Meccaniche Veneziane

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