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Have you ever heard about “Forte Marghera”?

It could be little known, but during the conflict between Venetians and Austrians, it played an important role, since it was born to defend Venice and the territories nearby. But let’s go deeper…

It was 1797, the Treaty of Campo Formio had just been released. It was official: the Italian areas of Lombardia and Veneto had fallen under the control of the Austrian Empire. The city needed a real defensive system, as the arsenal and the lagoon weren’t enough anymore. So, to protect the city at any cost, the Austrians began to build a fortress, which later would be known as Forte Marghera. They designed a complex structure, including many islands that surrounded the main fortress, provided weapons, and the defensive system was ready for any kind of attack.

 Forte Marghera Venice Fortress - Meccaniche Veneziane

The history, traits, and peculiarities of these islands, with all their epic battles and stories, incredibly intrigued us, and we were further amazed when we found out how much every single inhabitant was determined to defend his homeland and fight for his strong sense of freedom. Even our Venetians’ forefathers had been heroes, in their own way. In June 1848, about 2300 citizens took refuge inside the fortress, to rebel against the Austrian domination. After four months, they established the decisive turning point: they decided to break the siege in order to free the city of Mestre from the invaders. This important moment travelled into history as “Sortita of Forte Marghera”. The battle was epic, an act of pure courage made by citizens, who were united by the love for their country and for freedom. We can only imagine the issues they had to face, inexperienced fighters against soldiers who had battled for their whole lives. Bombs, cannons, artillery shots: nothing could stop the patriots and their advance.

With a huge surge of strength, courage, and love for their country, the Venetians managed to reject the powerful invaders. We thought to celebrate them by designing a new collection, characterized by Ionized Gun Finish Hands that represent the color and the shape of war weapons. Moreover, the atmosphere of the battlefield, soaked in fog and gunpowder, made us want to develop a watch that could recall the battles’ setting, Forte Marghera, and the military courage of Venetians.

 Redentore Forte Marghera Collection Limited Edition - Meccaniche Veneziane

The “gun hands” on Redentore Forte Marghera evoke the colors of the battlefield: the ancient ruins of the fortress, the greyness of drylands after the bombardment and the mysterious shades of white, black and grey contrasted the minds of the patriots, full of passion and will to win. Likewise, our vintage leather straps tower the Redentore’s refined design. 

The Sortita of Forte Marghera had been such an important battle for Venice history, that the Floating City still hears the bangs of cannons resounding in the fresh crystalline breeze. And every moment in this glorious fight is scanned by the incessant beat of the hands of the watch.

In the eternal memory of this difficult period, many legends were born… if you visit the fortress at night, you can meet the spirits of the French and Austrian soldiers, who will tell you their adventures and the hard battles they have faced. Someone could tell you that if you enter the powder keg, you can hear the echo of the cannons shooting.

This legendary echo crossed our mind and will continue to reverberate through the movements of our watches.

 Redentore forte Marghera Blue Dial Gun Hands Grey Leather Strap - Meccaniche Veneziane

We are now proud to introduce a collection that recalls an iconic part of Venetian history that deals with the tradition of our land. Forte Marghera embodies all the main technical details of Redentore Collection, featuring the Swiss Made Caliber MV285.


Did you know the unforgettable history of Forte Marghera? Have you ever visited the Venetian fortress? Check the Forte Marghera Limited Edition here!


Sincerely yours,


Angelica Casazza

Carolina Giacomel

Meccaniche Veneziane
Meccaniche Veneziane

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