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"There are people who often get lost visiting unexplored places around the world, some who get easily distracted by the confusing flow of their countless thoughts, and others who sometimes lose hope of what they strongly believed in, before becoming trustful again by discovering more about themselves… 
In this lovely mid-summer morning, while sunbeams are seeping in through the walls of St. Mark’s Square’s awesome architectural masterpieces like suspended golden chains, I’m getting lost thinking about what could be the symbol that best represents the splendor of the fascinating city of Venice as well as the magical, almost surreal atmosphere which characterizes its main square at sunrise: I’m not only looking for the most impressive Venetian benchmark, but also for the most original picture to shoot. I’m not a professional photographer, but I really like taking photos: photography, as life itself, is a matter of choice among infinite possibilities and today I’m extremely doubtful. I’m walking towards St. Mark’s Basilica, photographed every day by hundreds of tourists, and after arriving in front of the gorgeous, monumental church known for its opulent Italo-Byzantine design, I decide to observe it from an unusual point of view, starting from the tip of its domes.
Once I look upwards, something that flutters in the air following the morning breeze immediately captures my attention: attached to a high, artistically decorated pole, the Venetian flag, also known as “Gonfalone di San Marco”, stands out in the clear sky next to the Italian and European ones. Someone said that most of the times, our photos' quality and capability to communicate emotionally depend on the color of the subject we choose, and I firmly agree with this statement: it is its vivid colors that make the Venetian flag unique and unforgettable. Its origins date back to nearly fifteen centuries ago; it represents the Lion of St. Mark, the traditional symbol of Venetian patron saint, who holds an open book resting its paws on Veneto’s landscape. I know that it must necessarily be equipped with six separate fringes which are the representation of the six Venetian “sestieri”, which function is to preserve the full central part of the flag from the wind’s action. According to tradition, the first flag showed the Lion of St. Mark on a blue background that symbolized the color of the lagoon, but then the custom of the golden lion depicted on a red background took over and widely spread: it is this most popular version that now appears in front of my inquiring eyes. The red color, which has always been linked to a significant meaning as a symbol of life and power, is the second more vivid color preceded only by yellow and thanks to the brightness of its tones it immediately draws the observer’s gaze. Over the centuries, Venice has made red a sort of representative color and around the mid-1700s a particular shade, slightly darker than scarlet, was adopted by the floating city: since that time, this precise, distinctive red dot which also characterizes the Venetian flag is known as “rosso veneziano”.
San Marco Flag Meccaniche Veneziane
On the other hand, gold, which is the color of the lion, is a very rich, eminent color generally associated not only with precious things and sumptuous buildings but also with sunlight because of its power to instill heat, faith, and strength. These two brilliant colors, perfectly combined together in the Venetian flag, have succeeded in creating a wonderful symbiosis between art and history, the history of the Venetian people embodied by this representative symbol that flies on St. Mark’s bell towers. Now sunbeams have reached the flag and I have no more doubts: I’ve found the protagonist of my first today photo which I have waited for a long time and so I just have to shoot! The more I stare at the bafflingly lively flag’s shades, the more I get mesmerized by their bright charm, fading into the shimmery explosion caused by the blazing twilight. I'm floating in my surreal Venetian dream, waiting for the sun to kiss the horizon. At the wrist, my timepiece flickers under the rays' touch, reflecting red and golden lights. It almost seems unbelievable that the inspiration for my shot has always been with me and I'm only realizing it now.
The “Gonfalone di San Marco”’s energic and brilliant colors are captured in Nereide GMT San Marco's bezel, which peculiarities represent Meccaniche Veneziane's indelible bond with its territory and illustrious heritage. This evocative timepiece pays homage to the immortal floating city by displaying one of its most representative landmarks’ unmistakable shades.
After years and years spent on the contemplation of this magnificent city, what I've learned is that Venice will always find the way to insinuate herself in your heart. Once you'll fall in love, you'll not only want to spend as much time as possible wandering through its narrow and picturesque streets, but you'll also want a piece of its magical aura to be always with you, wherever you'll go. Nereide GMT San Marco is my way not to lose the precious connection I've established with Venice, and a constant reminder of its imperishable beauty and unparalleled treasures." 
What do you think of Nereide GMT San Marco and the concept?
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Yours sincerely,
Meccaniche Veneziane Team
Chiara Luria
Meccaniche Veneziane
Meccaniche Veneziane

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