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Let’s play a game: I’m the stone of divine favor, wisdom, regality and prophecy. I’m often used as a talisman, to discover betrayals, frauds, preserve purity and protect who wears me. I enhance strength and mental skills, I allow people’s eyes to see things deeper than their surface, I deliver knowledge. I’m also associated with the third-eye chakra. Did you guess? What is it? Seems obvious, right?

We’re talking about sapphire, a mineral gemstone linked to the group of oxides, universally known for its considerable hardness and resistance to scratches. Among all the materials usually employed for creating glasses, it certainly is considered a significant emblem of certified quality worldwide.

Sapphire Glass Watches

Its story is rather long, and things haven’t always been the same throughout time. You must now that, despite its undeniably unequaled properties, it has always had a few rivals in the industry. But let us start from the beginning.

Before the 1970s, watchmakers mounted on their products two different kinds of glasses, acrylic and mineral glass. Just for those of you who have never heard of their peculiarities, the acrylic glass, better known as plexiglass, is a discreet mix of hardness, clearness, and versatility. “Not bad”, you’d say, but actually, its production requires rather complicated work processes, especially in modeling phases: in fact, if you already are a knowledgeable reader, you’ll probably know that its methacrylate polymers composition makes plexiglass difficult to carve. Nevertheless, we must admit that it doesn’t break easily, and it is considered very useful in sport designed watches, since in situations of breaks it doesn’t shatter. However, it’s highly subject to scratches, streaks, and abrasions.

As far as mineral glass is concerned, it is seven times harder than the acrylic glass and is used especially for medium quality band watches. Its mineral composition allows to heat up and treat chemically the glass to make it stronger and resistant. Lots of companies use these kinds of glasses in their low-priced products because they have good resistance to shocks and blows. Although they’re universally considered better than acrylic glasses in the matter of scratch, they are no properly scratchproof glasses.

Having these “enemies” opposing sapphire on its same field surely creates some healthy competition, but its properties unquestionably are far superior. Curious to find out more? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you why.

Sapphire glasses are the hardest ones to find in the market. They reach a point of 9 in the Mohs scale: this means the glass is almost unscratchable. In fact, there are no materials with higher hardness except for diamond, the only one which could streak it. This gemstone is a precious material that stands for high quality, so you’d usually find sapphire glasses in the great majority of luxury watches. Even though its natural color is blue, the glasses are finely honed with diamond, specific oils and micrometric precision instruments.

But that’s not it yet, wait for the best part! Sapphire is not only an extraordinary mineral, but you’ll be interested to know that someway, magic runs through its veins. Sounds unbelievable? Actually, you could consider it a sort of wizard: this unique material enjoys playing with elements, and water definitely is its favorite one! There’s a thing only it can do: in fact, if you’ll ever have the occasion to observe carefully, you’ll see that drops of water run fluid on sapphire surfaces, thanks to the very low friction of the material.

That’s why all Meccaniche Veneziane timepieces mount sapphire glasses, to guarantee the best endurance available on the market. Their special features make them the ideal solution in the matter of scratchproof watches. Although its nature can cause light blue reflections, especially in bright and sunny days, Meccaniche Veneziane’s glasses are all treated with anti-reflective coating, always ensuring an excellent visibility of the dial. It’s not easy to work delicate and refined materials as sapphire is to take advantage of their properties in the best and most appropriate way, but Meccaniche Veneziane firmly commits to enhancing their beauty and potential. In all its components, its intention is to grow up along ways of reliability, in order to shape not only watches but also quality.

Sincerely yours,

Meccaniche Veneziane Team

Federica Filippi

Roberto Nespolo



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